Do you need a passport to go to San Blas Mexico?

You can get to the start point of Capurgana/Sapzurro from Cartagena or Medellin. This journey is one and a bit days through beautiful Colombian scenery. Both ways you will take a bus or buses/vans to Necocli and a boat from Necocli to Capurgana. The boat from Necocli always leaves in the morning so you can either stay one night in Necocli or take the overnight bus from Cartagena or Medellin.


There are 2 options to travel from Cartagena. You can either travel there on your own or take a group transport that leaves 2 days before the departure date.

Total cost of all transport and accommodation from Cartagena to Capurgana/Sapzurro is around 270,000 pesos (Approximately $90 USD) – all transport services to Capurganá need to be paid in Colombian Pesos.

Cartagena travel breakdown

-Take a taxi to the terminal
-Approx. cost of 15.000 pesos
-Terminal to Monteria
-Approx. cost of 65,000 per person – around a 5 hour ride
-Take a van from Monteria to Necocli
-Approx cost of 40,000 per person – around a 3 hour ride
-Accommodation in Necocli
-30,000 pesos at Hotel Panorama.
-Hotel Panorama: [email protected]
-(+57) 313 792 8360 – (+57) 310 358 6312 – (+57) 315 687 4284
-Book your boat to Capurgana: This can be done either at Caribe’s office the day before, or the morning of departure. We recommend booking the day before to ensure your place.
-More details for the boat can be found here –

All transport prices are approximate and subject to negotiation


-Take a boat from Necocli to Capurgana
-The boat leaves at 8:00am (7am on Sunday). It takes around 1.5 hours. The cost is 85,000 per person
Bags Weight fee:
-Up to 10 kg allowed for free, extra kg for 2,800 COP per bag
-Make sure your bags are protected by bin liners (plastic bags). These can be brought before loading the boat for around 2,000 pesos per bag. Have sun block ready and water protection ready for yourself.
-Meeting with guide and group
-Starts at 12:00 midday the day before the trip departs
-Stamp out of Colombia at the immigration office in Capurgana
-Take a boat to Sapzurro
-This ride takes around 10 – 15 minutes and the cost is 22.000 COP (includes a 2.000 COP dock fee)
-Get settled in accommodation in Sapzurro
-The group usually stays in Dona Triny hostel together. Cost of a dorm room is 30.000 to 35.000 COP. For privates you can contact the hostel directly at
-Travel group from Cartagena:
-We help organize a travel group from Cartagena, departing 2 days before the trip. In this case we help by calling an organized transport to get you to Necocli, however this is third party shared transport and we are not responsible for this part of the journey. Our trip starts when you get on our boat in Sapzurro and ends in Carti. approx. cost is 245,000 COP ($82 USD) including all transport services and accommodation until the night before the trip in Sapzurro. Each service needs to be paid in Colombian Pesos to the service provider.

Please let us know if you want to travel with the group transport at least 2 days before it is scheduled to leave.

the cost of this trip to Capurgana may change due to providers’ policy and money exchange rates.

Traveling by Night from Cartagena
This journey is in 2 parts. First you’ll take a bus from Cartagena to Monteria, second a van from Monteria to Necocli. Remember, the boat from Necocli leaves at 8am (7am on Sundays).

The last bus from Cartagena to Monteria is around 7:00 pm.
Once in Monteria, you need to take a van, not a bus. Take the first one available. At the very latest you need to leave Monteria by 3-4 am.
You MUST get a Van (not a bus) from Monteria to Necocli in order to get to the boat on time.


There are two ways to get to Capurgana from Medellin

-Take the bus 2 days before the trip. Stay the night in Necocli then take the ferry from -Necocli to Capurgana in the morning.
-Accommodation in Necocli is 30,000 pesos at Hotel Panorama.
-You can book and pay for your boat to Capurgana at the reception.
-You can also do an overnight bus from Medellin to Necocli and go directly to the ferry. To do this you should leave Medellin by 7pm.
-The boat leaves from Necocli to Capurgana every morning at 8:00am (7am on Sundays).
-Try to book your ticket as early as possible and get a seat at the back.
-Protect your things with bin liners and have your sunscreen handy.
-Stamp out of Colombia in Capurgana
-Important: only stamp out on the day before the trip Then take a boat from Capurgana to -Sapzurro (22.000 pesos inc. dock fee, or $7 USD)
-Accommodation on the night before the trip
-The group usually stays together at Dona Triny hostel
-Cost is 30.000– 35.000 COP
Total cost around $232.000 pesos (Approximately $77 USD)


-Fly to Acandi or Capurgana
-cost about $70-150 USD.
-For flights check
-Take a boat from Acandi to Capurgana
-Cost is approx. 25,000 pesos
-Boat from Capurgana to Sapzurro
-10 – 15 min boat ride
Cost is around 22.000 (includes 2.000 COP dock fee)
-Accommodation in Sapzurro

Traveling by night from Medellin:

Take a bus from the North terminal in Medellin. To arrive on time you should leave Medellin at 7pm at the latest. Bus ride is around 10-12 hours.

Do you need a passport to go to San Blas Islands?

Your passport. Yes, technically San Blas is part of Panama, but it is its own autonomous region. To get into the Kuna region, you need to bring your passport (yes a new stamp!).

Can you fly to the San Blas Islands?

Flying to the San Blas Islands is done trough the local terminal at Albrook located in Panama City. Private flights to San Blas, Panama are done with 8-2 seater planes or helicopters and takes 50 minutes.

How do you get to San Blas Island?

From Panama City, you can take a 4x4 ride to Cartí, the main port of the San Blas Islands. The 2.5-hour drive will take you on a scenic journey through the central mountain range. From Cartí, you can access the individual islands by boat in about 20 minutes.

Can you do a day trip to San Blas?

If you don´t have time for an overnight visit to San Blas, you can still enjoy a quick trip and spend the day in paradise- white sand beaches, wonderful snorkeling and tropical vibes! Day tour – you will visit two or more islands that may include Isa Perro.