How far is Minnesota from San Antonio by plane?

There were complications with my flights boarding in spokane and my secondary flight was changed without my consent to one that boarded at the same time as my first flight let me out on the opposite side of the massivr layover airport. It was only because an employee saw my struggle and confusion and hooked me up with a ride that I even made the flight dispite delta's best efforts. My TV's headphone jack on my first flight was also busted which sucked to find out after buying headphones on the flight. About halfway through the flight one of the attendants moved me to a seat with a working TV. Long story short Delta as an airline was terrible but their employees did their best to help me with what limited options they had to work with.

Cons: "No mechanical failures or delays would be nice"

Pros: "Flight was mostly uneventful, which is great! Right after takeoff we made a complete circle and no information was given as to why, but we assumed it was air traffic."

Pros: "The flight was 90 minutes late"

Cons: "On time performance"

Cons: "Bring ear buds if you want to watch/listen to a movie. Delta changes for ear buds Everything else was fine"

Pros: "Delta crews are very friendly and helpful. Seats are 'good' on the E175 plane - better than the cramped CRJ200 on some other short flights. We boarded early, left a little early and arrived early. Nothing to complain about, except maybe a crying baby behind me, but that's not Delta's fault. :)"

Pros: "Choice of Entertainment was excellent"

Cons: "Bigger snacks - 2 small cookies or small pack of almonds was indigenous 2 hr flight"

Cons: "Issues with connecting flights so had to sit in different place, seat was broken"

Pros: "The flight attendants were amazing. 12 people had a connecting flight and they brought a shuttle bus. You dont see that kind of service any more 10 stars for that"

Cons: "Super small plane."

Cons: "We paid for comfort plus but the seats were no different than main cabin. Comfort plus experience on other legs was much better."

Pros: "Crew was great. Always attentive to needs of the passengers."

Cons: "Can't really think of anything unless you can shorten the flight!?!"

Cons: "Two bags delayed between JFK and MSP."

Pros: "Entertainment on short flights is a nice surprise"

Cons: "Very very late.. I almost lost my replacement of the replacement of my connection. Had to run like hell. The luggage didn't make it. To summarize the day, woke up too early, got to my destination hours late and got the luggage in the middle of the night."

Pros: "On time, smooth take off and landing."

Pros: "Service"

Cons: "More seat space"

Pros: "The crew was great and the service was quick and very nice."

Cons: "It sounds weird but I didn’t know which window was mine so I had one shut and the one in front of me shut during the flight."

Pros: "Crew was great"

Cons: "Hot in the plane and the landing was uncomfortable"

Pros: "staff was friendly and very attentive to my needs."

Cons: "The area in the back of the plane by my seat smelled like dirty feet."

Pros: "WiFi and Entertainment"

Pros: "The care and good food was much appreciated. There were plenty of excellent movies to watch to make the time pass in an enjoyable way."

Pros: "I liked the service to see if there was a chance to upgrade because of the connecting flight and even though there was a delay in the plane arriving to Alaska, the quick turn was excellent and we were in the air within a short period of time."

Cons: "The comfortability and that’s rear even if I had the middle seat. I had it on my way towards Alaska and didn’t have any issue"

Cons: "This was my worst EVER airline experience. It was delayed 27 hours and the snow was not the only problem. When we finally got on board a plane we sat on the runway for over two hours - then they FORGOT to load the luggage!!!"

Pros: "All the attendants were very nice. The movies were great, but ones I would have liked to watch were not on your list."

Cons: "There was no Christian music on the music section."

Cons: "I had a 4 hour layover in Minneapolis, there was another flight to Denver that I meant I could’ve been home three hours earlier had I done standby, but because I had a cheaper ticket I was not allowed that opportunity. That makes absolutely no sense to me seeing as my flight was packed. I’m sorry my flight saved me money"

Pros: "The plane was an older model but staff allowed main cabin to use 1sr class bathroom."

Cons: "The choices of free snacks were limited. They should also give more than 1 package of peanut."

Pros: "Everyone was very courteous, the plane took off on schedule and arrived at our destination early. Also got a complimentary upgrade to Comfort Plus."

Cons: "Ticket price was a bit much, the seats and aisle inside the plane are only made for skinny people. Aisle was barely longer across than my foot, and the guy next to me was a bit bigger than average, leaving me to have to scrunch in my seat the whole flight. Lots of elbows, butts and hips knocking into my shoulders as people boarded."

Cons: "It was smelly. Anyone who does not smoke can smell old smoke. Yuk. Also, smells like a neighboring passenger has bowel issues. Ick"

Pros: "The crew were nice and friendly. The plane was new with lots of amenities"

Cons: "The new plane has NO leg room at all. It’s the worst leg room i’ve Experienced for such a large plane. I’m 6’1” and my knees would only fit if I spread my legs wide and sit back deep into the chair."

Pros: "Everything went fast & smooth"

Cons: "No leg room"

Pros: "It was everything you look for on a plane. Friendly crew. Lots of space. Clean. Lots of entertainment. Plenty of space for luggage."

Cons: "I loved it all."

Pros: "We arrived early, great flight."

Cons: "We had to wait at customs about 30 minutes because we were early!"

Pros: "Very quick boarding process. There was no entertainment so I couldn't rate that."

Cons: "There should be a N/A option if there is no entertainment available."

Cons: "Flight attendant from IND to Minneapolis must have had a rough evening or bad morning. Service in airplane is usually poor but this one was worse. Bumping most of the passenger when passing, handing drinks behind his back, not smiling."

Pros: "I like the snacks they are not giving out on the flights. It seems that Delta is trying to make the flying experience nicer instead of more tedious and uncomfortable like many other airlines, which is appreciated."

Cons: "The flights were both operated by Delta but booked through WestJet, and the flights themselves were fine. The booking was through WestJet (found the flight on kayak which kicked me over to West Jet's site) and check in was a pain. Their code did not work for their site or Delta's, I had to FB message them both leaving and returning to ask for the correct one, and the first request took them hours to answer. I'll just book Delta next time and save myself the trouble."

Pros: "Delta flew their way back into my heart this time around"

Cons: "Seats are so tight so uncomfortable"

Pros: "Fabulous fight. Attentive staff and I love the free entertainment tv’s."

Cons: "Time to bring in dual class flights!"

Pros: "Courtesy. Efficiency The flight attendant was extraordinary. Coates"

Cons: "The first plane was a little old. Neither reading light worked."

Pros: "There were alot of good movies to choose from, and the food wasn't bad."

Cons: "It's always very uncomfortable to sit on a plane for a long time, but that's nobody's fault"

Pros: "The aircraft was new and most flight crew were nice."

Cons: "Way too many useless announcements by the copilot and the lead flight attendant. Keep it short. Don't get back on once you put the mic back. And how about announcing th baggage claim carousel if your going to interrupt as much as you did."

Pros: "Entertainment system was good, great crew, great food, great service"

Pros: "The crews were very friendly and everything went as planned. It was a nice flight."

Pros: "They forgot the CC reader so drinks were free. The free GoGo media is cool."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled and rescheduled 3 times. Delayed. Tiny plane = uncomfortable and turbulent."

Pros: "Flight was on time and left and arrived on time."

Cons: "Should offer headphones for free."

Pros: "Entertainment options for a long flight. Room seats."

Cons: "Only one crew member ensured passengers had plenty of hydration. A couple crew spent time on their phones & casually chatting while the one was doing her job. No light snacks on a 5.5 hr flight? I thoroughly am disappointed with the extra charges Sun Country throws at passengers for carry ons?"

Pros: "Suncountry has great service, their seats are not cramped and i think that there is enough leg and elbow room in every seat. The crew was attentive and friendly, the flight was punctual and uneventful."

Pros: "Having a direct flight was good. Staff were excellent"

Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable. I gave them my global entry number at check-in but they said they often didn’t have access to TSA pre-check. Had never experienced this with an airline"

Pros: "Nothing- and it cost me $50 to have voucher issued for future flight."

Cons: "Monitors with Sun Country gate information very difficult to find, if at all. I asked several people about Sun Country and departure gate, and was pointed in several WRONG directions. Since next flight out was 9p, I decided to cancel my trip. I did investigate taking same flight tomorrow, Jul 13, and was told it was full and I would be standby."

Cons: "Flight was determined to be 2 hours late well in advance. No e-mail, no call so we get to the airport 2 hours ahead of departure to find out we have to sit around the airport for 4 hours. This was NOT a last minute delay. This was the second Sun country flight in a row that was late. The first was a ramp gate hold for weather at the destination. Not sure why this one was late."

Pros: "Flight was on time"

Cons: "I over paid baggage fee for both departure and return, been trying to call a customer service representative for a refund but their is no direct number. I keep getting switched from one person to another without any feed back and it's so frustrating. It will be nice if I can get someone to just tell me there is no refund rather than keeping me online for over 10mins."

Pros: "Easy check-in and boarding."

Cons: "Seat was cramped (even though I'm only 5'10 and relatively trim)."

Pros: "The flight was not too crowded."

Cons: "I do not like that my ticket did not include being able to choose a seat, the this required extra. The different fees are too complicated to keep up with."

Pros: "Everything went quickly"

Cons: "I had to pay to pick my seat, for any food or entertainment."

Pros: "By getting an exit row seat, I was able to board early on"

Cons: "I wasn't told that the exit row seat would not recline until I got on the plane. My last trip on Sun Country, none of the seats reclined as far as I can tell. I'm generally very tired by the time I get on a flight, and not being able to recline at all makes for a very uncomfortable flight."

Pros: "Easy boarding"

Cons: "I was squeezed into a center seat between two larger people for 3-1/2 hours. I wish seat widths were posted when one makes reservations. I would have upgraded."

Pros: "Great service & great flight"

Cons: "None"

Pros: "Flight crew was very friendly and helpful. Staff at check in was very helpful in arranging wheel chair for my wife and arranging for us to sit together. Much appreciated!"

Pros: "I liked the local Minnesota drinks on the menu. Having MN beer was a fantastic touch (Surly Furious is the best!). Sadly, on my departing flight they were all out though."

Cons: "That you have to pay for drinks. And no peanuts or small snacks was a bummer - that's just cheap (you have to pay for those too)"

Pros: "Seats were ok."

Cons: "The boarding process was much slower than expected then when we were seated, the plane was uncomfortably warm. With our vents open in full, we were bordering on sweating the majority of the flight. It was unpleasant."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Poor seats, no reclining. No head rest. Most uncomfortable flight ever. No WiFi. Ran out of dvds for movies before row ten. Offers nothing! If your going to be a budget no amenities sure line ADVERTISE IT! Don't fool people. Never again!!! Terrible"

Pros: "I liked the price"

Cons: "Ok so we had to wait for 90 min into the flight before any service."

Pros: "they switched my seat so I could be comfortable as I'm overweight. That made the flight so much better. Cheeseburgers are 6$ and they give you a whole can of soda if you ask them meals in the airport are a lot more expensive."

Cons: "Not much space. There's no entertainment on the plane. No tv. They rent movie players for 8. No complimentary snacks. They should give some peanuts. Families were apart during flight they say they have full flights and can't seat people together."

Cons: "The two women working at the check-in counter made me pay to check my carry on bag. I also had a backpack and a purse - as did the other 4 people I was traveling with but they did not have to pay for their carry ons and were asked if they wanted to check their bags for free since it was a full flight. Overall the customer service on both my departing and return flights was very poor. Won't be booking a flight with Sun Country again anytime soon. Would rather pay more money for Delta where I get better service and amenities."

Pros: "The seats weren't overly crammed. They checkin agent offered us complimentary checkin of our carryons due to a full flight. That was nice."

Pros: "The flight attendants were exceptional and I loved how the pilots kept us updated throughout the flight."

Cons: "nothing at this time for this flight."

Pros: "I liked on the way there that the pilot came on a few different times with announcements with is very calming to get updated. This used to be a given; however, it isn't anymore so this was nice. plenty of seat room."

Cons: "turbulence was pretty bad on our flight both ways. Pilot on the way back began descent and all standard announcements were made by flight crew, several minutes later he finally announced he was landing. The price"

Pros: "great staff, super easy and pleasant boarding, clean plane, scented spray in the bathroom."

Cons: "lack of any snacks."

Pros: "not crowded going to Denver, on time except for snow in Mpls which made plane hour late getting to Denver. Hardly your problem."

Cons: "Hour delay in Denver returning to Mpls Due to weather there. Plane was so so crowded. Best to remove overhead storage, let everybody pay$15 for carry on and checked baggage. Only under the seat fee carry on!!"

Pros: "The flight was not very full, so it was nice to have some personal space. However, the individual seats are very small."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Everything was awful about this travel experience. I was delayed all day and my flight from MSP to JFK took almost 8 hours. They delays were due to weather which I can understand but there was absolutely no communication from the airline and had everyone including myself extremely frustrated. We landed in Stewart, NY with no warning or information. Was a nightmare."

Pros: "The friendliest service and very accommodating when I asked about a seat change to sit next to two other friends. I wish all airlines has this great customer service!"

Cons: "I arrived to the airport about 50 minutes prior to departure due to an unexpected delay. After a poor experience with the online check-in tool (it failed to allow us to check in & wouldn't let me purchase a checked bag), my girlfriend & I made it to the check-in desk about 40 minutes before departure (which has never been a problem with any other airline). The receptionists practically laughed at me when I asked to check in, and without missing a beat or even checking anything on the computer, they told me that the plane was already on the runway waiting to depart. We asked if they could help us book a make-up flight, and they practically laughed again and said, "Yeah, for next Sunday." I found this hard to believe that the plane was on the runway so early. The whole experience was very unpleasant, and we received little help from them. After a half-hour wait on the phone, I was offered a voucher for another Sun Country flight. Very dissatisfied with this. I appreciate the direct flight from MSP-SAV, as I don't think any other airline offers it. But I don't think I'll fly with Sun Country again."

Pros: "Staff was friendly"

Cons: "Flight was fine."

Pros: "Smooth process, direct flight."

Cons: "No peanuts or treat of any kind"

Pros: "Smooth flight and we were treated well."

Cons: "No snacks!"

Pros: "Only the price and was not that cheap after addn fees."

Cons: "Boarding strategy leaves rows 11-20 without over head space. No one puts their "non-rollerboard" under their seat so now under the seat is empty and heavy roller boards have no space."

Cons: "Unexpected traffic from an accident delayed arrival and airport, that coupled with long lines made for time tight, girl in front of me at security was also going to my flight so I wasn't too panicked and tad kept telling us it was going to be ok and we'd make it but they pulled me aside to pay me down at security then my companion ran on ahead, they let her on the plane and then shut the door right as I was running up. Then the last was extremely rude to me and told me it was my fault and everyone else made it on time so why couldn't I, them when the second gate agent was going to put me on the new flight the ride lady told her to put me as standby, the agent inquired as to why and said there were open seats, she said do it, standby. And then smirked at me like she'd put me in my place. I was speechless, never delt with suncountry employee who was rude. Really disappointed with this experience"

Pros: "Sun Country is the best airline in the world -"

Pros: "Good prices, good friendly crew, arrived at least a 1/2 hour earlier than we were supposed to..overall excellent"

Cons: "Better snack selection other than that it was an excellent experience"

Pros: "Excellent price and it wasn't over booked. The flight had no food so I can't give it a 5star rating (sorry)...."

Pros: "I like that I got on the plane first"

Cons: "Forced to by an exit row seat for extra money because of a "full flight" but when the doors shut there were at least 10 seats open that did not cost extra. No free in flight snack and they Nicole and dime you"

Pros: "The crew were excellent"

Cons: "The flight was two hours late"

Pros: "Our flight crew was incredibly nice and we even landed a half an hour early. Free beverages were served to everyone - even the economy seats."

Cons: "Flight offering times aren't convenient. Ealthy food availability at the airport areas r check in are on existsnt."

Pros: "We were able to board first as mom was in a wheel chair"

Cons: "Everything was weighted in favor of passengers. Very nice"

Pros: "Selected the airline for the ticket price."

Cons: "Found the crew a little curt – and somewhat unfriendly. It could have been a function of the time of the flight – early AM."

Pros: "Short lines and prompt check-in. Flights took off and landed on time. Lots of young kids but generally quiet. "Budget" airlines like Sun Country and Southwest have separate Humphrey terminal but it is less crowded and easy to navigate."

Pros: "There was a male flight attendant (not sure of his name) that was wonderful. He was funny and personable"

Cons: "My boyfriend and I purchased our seats separately and we asked if there was a way that we could be seated together. The man that was checking in our bags said no and that the plane was full. We were fine with it, but after awhile he said that he found a couple seats together in the emergency exit aisle. It was great! We got on the plane and there were tons of extra seats, the plane was not full and I believe that he was too lazy to look for seats together upon our first request."

Pros: "departing and arriving to a small airport (Mpls)"

Cons: "Did not like that we couldn't print boarding passes from home. Had to check in at counter. On return trip, an overnight trip, we were told that there were no seats together so paid for exit row tickets. In flight there were plenty of seats empty. A passenger from somewhere else used ALL 3 of the exit rows seats in front of us to lay down and sleep. They did NOT pay for those seats. We did. No snacks offered. Calling Sun Country, the hold time was more than an hour."

Cons: "There were multiple rows of empty seats, so I moved in order to lay down and sleep. After I had fallen asleep I was shaken awake by a flight attendant telling me in a very rude tone I couldn't sleep there because I hadn't paid for the seats. I had obviously paid my air fare and the seats were vacant. I will never fly Sun Country again because of how I was treated by their flight attendants."

Pros: "The luggage fee is reasonable. The flight was on-time. Spacious seat."

Cons: "The luggage fee is cheaper when paid on-line, but when I tried to pay on-line, an error message popped up. I ended up paying at the registered desk which is $10 more."

Pros: "Because of a delay, was given a voucher for food and also a voucher for travel at another time. Seats are clean and not so cramped you can't breath. Excellent landings."

Cons: "Wish they had cranapple or crangrape drinks."

Pros: "The crew was friendly and attentive, there were extra seats on the plane which gave us room to stretch out. Easy experience all around."

Cons: "Apparently (from the conversation behind me), the cheese/cracker platter ran out on the flight, which I had on a previous flight. Its awesome, but if this is worth writing about, then I cant really complain."

Pros: "The crew was nice."

Cons: "We couldn't pre-check in for our flight because the only seats available were middle seats you had to pay for, sitting next to my pregnant wife was not happening. The seats we got left us with the sorest of backs, something you don't want to start a vacation with. On top of that, the lock to our luggage is missing. If you want to travel, this works, If you want a vacation, don't bother."

4 flights in 5 days. Each was delayed. For a total of 13+ hours in the airport. Without even a courtesy meal voucher. Absolute unbelievable.

The boarding process went very quickly, faster than I’ve ever seen boarding occur. I understand the need for efficiency, but the groups were called so quickly that there was a lot of chaos at the gate and people running through the airport. Then we all sat on the plane for a while, which seemed silly.

Pros: "Boarding was quick and the stewardess took good active care of us"

Cons: "Really by now, we know there is little reason to mask. The constant reminders and the threatening tone is unnecessary and quite annoying."

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "First flight delayed for mechanical. Put on another flight. About to take off and ground for two hrs on the tarmac. No refreshments offered on either. The only thing they did was tell us we had the right to de board after sitting in silence for 1.5 hrs. I wish I could say this is not the norm for American Airlines but they are 5/6 in the past two months for being late and having mechanical issues"

Pros: "No hickups"

Cons: "Wi-Fi wasn't working on this plane"

Pros: "I’m alive"

Cons: "An hour late. 3 gate changes. Missed connection in Phoenix. Typical AA."

Pros: "Yes! They were helpful and nice as well on the flight."

Cons: "Mhm.. Nothing."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "You could have been on time. You could be accountable. You ruined my wife’s 40th birthday by failing to fulfill you’re end of the deal."

Pros: "Seats were comfortable"

Cons: "Better route planning and time management"

Pros: "Michael DJ was awesome! Made us laugh during the safety demonstration which was much appreciated on a long travel time home!"

Cons: "The descent down to the airport was rough. I felt it was done too quickly, caused a lot of pressure on my head and was very painful"

Pros: "Attentive crew, generous drinks"

Cons: "I am not crazy about this plane. I had flat beds, but the ones that face each other in an awkwardly intimate way. Also miss the places to store the things I might need/want on the flight. All I had was the little drawer."

Pros: "Crew was great, boarded quickly."

Cons: "San Antonio has connection from different terminals requires security recheck without any assistance from staff. Nearly half my flight missed it's connections due to slow security."

Pros: "Awesome all around. On time!!"

Pros: "Friendly crew, comfortable and ON-TIME!"

Pros: "Comfortable, friendly and ON-TIME!!!"

Pros: "Both flights on time. Boarding slow but organized"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "the movie selection was quite nice"

Cons: "I have to run to get my connection flight"

Pros: "Flight was delayed. booked another flight through Dallas with a 150 minutes layover there. That almost wasn't enough as we had an unscheduled 1 hour stop in Austi . In Dallas I had to run from one flight to the next. The only reason I made was because the connecting flight eas also delayed. In rhe end we landed at SFO (instead of OAK) over 2 hours later than originally scheduled. To make matters worse, there was a backup on the Dublin grade, making the drive home to Tracy over three hours long. arrived at SAT at 4:30 PM CDT and arrived home in Tracy after 3:30 AM OFT. oh yeah, and my luggage didn't make it at all..."

Pros: "The service was excellent and the flight on time."

Cons: "The seats have been refurbished In the narrow size."

Pros: "Nothing good to say about AA"

Cons: "AA screwed up reservations by rescheduling flights by 3 hours earlier (done not once but two times) causing 6 hour layover. This plus an additional 2:38 delay on next flight made the journey horrible. Will never book an AA/BA flight again for intrnational travel."

Pros: "On time."

Cons: "No overhead. No crew interaction getting on or off plane. First time in 55 years no crew at door as deplaned."

Pros: "Our plane was late getting to the gate. They kept us informed and turned it around pretty quickly. There were storms between Chicago and Rochester so we were rerouted. As a result the hour flight was an hour and a half. The pilot kept us informed and it was a very smooth flight. So even though I was over an hour late arriving I so appreciated the communications and the safer route. AA seems to be communicating more than other airlines and I appreciate that. Flying is absolutely no fun anymore so you take what you can get for the positives."

Cons: "WiFi wasn’t working so I couldn’t communicate my late arrival to family picking me up."

Cons: "The aircraft was tiny and we were delayed"

Pros: "The aircraft was perfect :)"

Cons: "The new basic economy fair. My tickets were booked before this happened and I was requested to pay my carry on"

Pros: "Fast flight."

Cons: "Hours of sitting without free Wifi and flight attendants that could care less. Also the small print in all of AA’s ticket deals and what they really don’t offer."

Cons: "Plane was cold, seats old and uncomfortable"

Pros: "Amazing flight..,......... Great service"

Pros: "All"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Smooth takeoff and landing. The seats were comfortable for a 3 hour flight."

Cons: "Nothing to complain about. I was satisfied with this flight."

Pros: "I took American's first direct flight between Philadelphia and San Antonio. It was a nice plane, good service, and amenities for a cost. Love that the plane had plugs!"

Pros: "In spite of adverse situations the counter staff was extremely helpful"

Pros: "Boarding and flight was on time."

Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "The flight left on time, there wasn't a lot of fuss about overhead space and we arrived early."

Cons: "They didn't offer any pretzels or cookies."

Pros: "crew"

Cons: "air conditioning did not work well. heat was coming into the plane from the windows."

Pros: "The punctuality of the boarding, take off and landing of the flight!"

Cons: "When I came up to have a seat assigned, the representative could have given me a better seating, not necessarily a First Class ( as they were available AND I checked in as an Active Duty Army Officer) but instead assigned me a seat at the rear of the aircraft! Horrible, if that's how AA treats their dedicated service members!"

Pros: "On time, staff at gate and on plane friendly and courteous."

Cons: "No plug for electronics. Seats crowded with heavy person next to me."

Pros: "Overall flight was great. Crew, pilot, flight attendants, boarding, everyone and everything was great. Water and orange juice was offered even for a 45 min short flight."

Cons: "None"

Pros: "Punctuality and clean plane"

Cons: "That I bought a ticket for British Airways and found out that American was my carrier to Dallas as well as Paris."

Pros: "Flight was on time"

Pros: "People were nice about screwing us ocer."

Cons: "We boarded on time. But then we sat outside forever because apparently they had too much fuel. Then we left 40+ minutes late. Then when we got to Dallas our fate was taken. Then I missed my flight. Then they offered NO support. They would not pay for a hotel and I'm presently sleeping on the airport floor. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER AND I WILL NEVER FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES AGAIN."

Pros: "Flight staff was friendly."

Cons: "Flight got delayed. I was a little worried I wouldn't make it to the connecting flight."

Pros: "The seating was good."

Cons: "Even though the weather caused issues, i felt that we were treated poorly. I wound up having to sleep in an airport. Never had to do that before. There was no empathy for our situation whatsoever."

Pros: "I am going to miss the old MD80's when they are gone."

Pros: "Flight much better organized, seat more comfortable"

Pros: "Clean, friendly"

Cons: "The first leg of my flight left an hour earlier than scheduled, and I was never notified. Fortunately I found out when I went to "check in" the night before, and was able to arrange for earlier transportation to the airport."

Pros: "I liked how the flight was on time and how the flight was not overbooked. Over the past year I have had ad experiences with flying so much so that I thought the airlines did not value its patrons schedules and plans; it was all about getting our money. But American Airlines has restored my faith in the Airlines. Thanks!!!"

Cons: "I liked everything"

Pros: "Crew were friendly and helpful"

Pros: "Plane was amazing! As always I will wish for more leg rim due to being tall. The food was wonderful and the entertainment was well varied and contained several new releases."

Cons: "Leg room!!!!"

Pros: "The 787 was spacious."

Cons: "Plane was delayed on takeoff and landing."

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Comfort"

Pros: "Good service in business class, comfortable seats."

Cons: "No complaints"

Pros: "Plus seating was wonderful. Very comfortable."

Cons: "Could have used more water."

Pros: "Overall I had a good flight. I do not have any complaints."

Cons: "No complaints."

Pros: "Even though the flight was delayed the captain and crew made great effort to get everyone on and off as fast as possible. Crew was very nice."

Cons: "Flight was delayed due to weather but there wasn’t much anyone can change about that ."

Cons: "They dont accepted the seats Im requested before, when you charger $ 15.99"

Pros: "Smooth flight"

Cons: "Delays"

Pros: "Staff was very nice"

Cons: "My seat was double booked and then I was moved three times while everyone else was also boarding. I was clearly treated as an after thought even with having checked in to the flight and confirmed my seat 24 hours in advance."

Cons: "United's flight was delayed five hours going to Nashville and on the return flight was delayed over an hour. I have yet to be on a flight with United that was on time. I've learned my lesson and will NOT fly United again."

Pros: "I liked the flight was a fast one from San Antonio to Denver and that it wasn’t too crowded."

Cons: "I didn’t like all the excessive noise from the plane and kids."

Pros: "Fast loading/unloading."

Cons: "No drinks. No entertainment."

Pros: "Good on time flight"

Cons: "Flight attendant was short and not friendly. She would accentuate every announcement as if we were in first grade and not listening to the teacher. (Put ur bags UNDER your seat.) every time."

Cons: "No beverage offered during the entire flight. Plane was on the runway for about 40 min prior to take-off. What a waste of time!"

Pros: "Heather, the cabin flight attendant was wonderful. A great hostess that was very helpful to all the passengers and crew. The men on the flight deck were outstanding gentlemen. They helped an elderly lady without hesitation and made that little woman's day."

Cons: "Fully understanding the small size of the aircraft, it seems the seats continue to shrink. Flying in a little wider seat would be preferred, but is understandable. First class accommodations would be outstanding."

Cons: "Big man in a small plane is uncomfortable. Add in a second big man as a seatmate and its even more uncomfortable"

Pros: "No issues and it was on time"

Cons: "Not applicable"

Cons: "We sat onboard the aircraft for the longest time, a bit before we left, but then at Houston sat there for so so long, had to run across the entire airport, almost missed my connection."

Pros: "Mas o menos"

Cons: "En el manejo de mi maleta me rompierón una de las ruedas de la maleta."

Pros: "The flight attendants were top notch."

Cons: "It was a very nice flight."

Pros: "Staff very courteous & very helpful with a smile!!"

Cons: "I've nothing to say that we disliked."

Pros: "Cleanliness, Everything"

Cons: "?"

Pros: "Very friendly, efficient staff"

Cons: "Plane was late to airport. Then there was a huge rush to get us boarded and it was very stressful if we were going to fly or not"

Pros: "Everything its gteat"

Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Despite the recent incident United Airlines strives for ultimate customer service. There ancillary customer amenities truly are way above any other Airline that I've experienced in The Last 5 Years. When you first class and have access to the United Club room it is truly a very comfortable experience."

Cons: "Nothing everything they did was amazing"

Pros: "Everything went fine and they sorted out a spot for me to sit even though the flight was overbooked"

Pros: "People were friendly."

Cons: "Instead of beginning to board the groups the agent decided to hold up the lines to fix or maybe even find a passengers name. I know how that push off is and it seemed that we were past our boarding time and I actually had a connecting flight at my arrival destination."

Pros: "Everything was wonderful"

Cons: "The monitors inside the plane didnt indicate the current location of our flights as other airlines do inside their planes."

Pros: "Staff was nice"

Cons: "Uncomfortable plane"

Cons: "Small plane, no TV"

Pros: "crew was friendly and wonderful - pilots were great."

Cons: "they over-sold my flight and i find that absolutely unacceptable. I know (or i hope) this has nothing to do with Kayak, but it almost completely ruined my trip home to visit my sick father. This industry needs to stop this immediately. It happens far too often, and I know it's no accident."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Called customer service and lady was siper rude!"

Pros: "Nice staff and comfort."

Cons: "I didn't like that when I got on and off my flights. When I asked for help because I am deaf and mute no one would escort me to the planes cabin or the right gate. Had to ask 3 different gates which way do I go because I cant hear and I was upset because I thought I wouldn't make my flight. My wife made sure that they put on my information in the system that they would help me, but I guess it doesn't work like that. In future I will make different arrangement so that I can get the help I need."

Cons: "Lost my luggage and no response, All my clothes, medicine, cosmetic in the bag. Please rush it . You guys spoiled my trip."

Pros: "The communication via Kayak was great in notifying me there was a 25 minute delay."

Cons: "Not seating with my kids but they loved the sense of independence."

Pros: "The friendly service and easy experience. As well as the car of the crew"

Cons: "The seats were A bit stiff but that is the only thing out of many positives."

Cons: "Our flight was delayed and we almost missed our connection. Our baggage was not at our destination and the flight attendant at the counter was rude and barely helpful."

Pros: "It was a very nice direct flight. Crew was pleasant and captain gave a friendly goodbye and thank you on the exit."

Pros: "The fact that it was actually on time and flight went according to plan."

Cons: "Seats uncomfortable with very little room."

Cons: "My flight was canceled numerous times. The only good part was that, after the 1000th cancellation, I was moved to a non-stop flight.My flight was canceled numerous times. The only good part was that, after the 1000th cancellation, I was moved to a non-stop flight."

Pros: "How fast they recovered my lost bag"

Cons: "Small plane, had to check in one of my bags at the gate, took forever to retrieve my bag, thus I missed my connection"

Pros: "The flight attendant gave our baby a banana, which was super sweet."

Cons: "The flight was delayed for an hour and they turned off the AC for 20 minutes of that, which got uncomfortable."

Pros: "Window seat was very comfortable and nighttime views of San Antonio and Houston were beautiful."

Pros: "Crew was friendly"

Cons: "No communication from flight crew as we circled. Also no communication of delays."

Cons: "The chairs on the flight could definitely used more cushion, also some kind of inflight movie would have been nice."

Pros: "Cheap ticket."

Cons: "2 hour delay, packed flight."

Cons: "The rep. at the baggage drop off was being unnecessarily unkind. Though she did not attend to us, it was obvious to all those in line she was upset. She gave her co-rep. attitude &created a very uncomfortable environment. We do not know either of their names. The negative rep was the AfricanAm lady."

Cons: "one hour late leaving"

Pros: "The crew was in a difficult situation, and they handled it well."

Cons: "We sat on the tarmac for an hour because, as the captain informed us, “some paperwork had to be completed.” Okay, these things happen. But then to fail to offer complimentary snacks and beverages to make up for it strikes me as a poor miscalculation. How easy it would have been ro say, “We’re sorry for the delay, enjoy these snacks and beverages on us”? I overheard more than one pasenger remark that they would not br flying Frontier again anytime soon."

Pros: "Agent at the airport was courteous"

Cons: "Website I was referred to had no other flights available and no other option."

Cons: "Was charged $70 for overhead baggage...on the return trip Frontier would not allow the overhead bag and charged an extra $40 for the same carry on bag...Highway robbery"

Cons: "I was a passenger on a Frontier flight from DIA to TMA on 5/13/2018. My luggage was checked and a tag indicating the bag was to go all the way to the final destination (there was a stop in St. Paul, Minnesota) was securely placed on the suitcase. However when I arrived at the Trenton airport my bag did not. There were no Frontier airlines agents on duty so I filled out a form given to me by one of the airport staff. When I checked the Frontier website today it said to fill out a Frontier Lost and Found report. Upon doing so I received an email saying finding a lost bag could take weeks and that after a month they consider the bag permanently lost. No offer or process was provided for compensation for lost bag or the items within. This is unacceptable! I had prescription medication in my bag that's not easily refilled."

Pros: "Staff friendly enough"

Cons: "We were 3 hours late in taking off. It sucked only some people were notified about that vs text and email."

Cons: "The flight was overbooked due to switching to a smaller aircraft. When my family boarded the airplane, we went to find out that the row we were booked into seats (31) did not exist on this plane. The rows went to 30. My parents and aunt who are elderly had to wait standing at the back of the plane until the stewards found us new seats. Before we boarded the airline they announced that they were overbooked and were asking for people to voluntarily give up their seats. When we boarded the plane, there were about 8 stewards in training on the flight. If the airline had oversold seats on this flight, why were those training not held back for the next flight instead of making their customers wait?"

Pros: "The safety announcement just before take off was a refreshing & original presentation done by the very cheerful flight attendant, Brittany."

Pros: "Every crew member was friendly and helpful."

Pros: "Flight was on time."

Pros: "Price was great"

Cons: "I checked in online but still had to wait in line to check my bag. I think there should be a separate line for those who checked in online...just a bag drop. It might go quicker."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Haven't left yet. Gouged on prices. Frontier can go die."

Pros: "Nothing. This was the worst experience I have ever had with an airline."

Cons: "The wait to check a bag was about an hour. Then, my flight was cancelled 30 minutes before takeoff due to "weather." None of the other airlines were delayed. I ended up booking another ticket with a different airline, because other passengers said they had been trying to get rebooked on frontier for the previous week."

Pros: "One of the ground staff really tried to be helpful."

Cons: "Frontiers cancelled flight cost us over 400.00 us. Supervisors were no where to be found. Excuse used was weather when reason was pilot strike so company could renig on any responsibility. Shame on you."

Cons: "Waited 40 minutes on the ground while we waited for our gate to open"

Pros: "Flight itself was fine."

Cons: "Delayed almost 3 hours, and an extra hour of the delay was because they didn't have enough flight attendants available. Over half of the Frontier flights leaving Denver that night were delayed by an hour or more. No snow or rain or wind to blame it on either, just poor planning and overall poor organization."

Cons: "You should inform the passengers atleast 3 hours before the departure about the flight delay and status. Not after they r waiting at the gate and the schedled departure time is passedand people are shouting at you for the reason."

Pros: "While TSA made me late for my flight by 5 min after having arrived with more than enough time for any normal airport. They made sure I was on that flight and they were amazing! I would mark them down for the food and entertainment but it is a budget airline and I knew this going in. If you want a flight with the extras included you're gonna have to pay more for the ticket, so it all works out in the end to be the same. I upgraded to the package that included all my bags and seat selection and it was still cheaper than any other airline I looked at."

Cons: "This is not a reflection of Frontier but Orlando has been the worst TSA experience of my life and I am certain they have no idea what they are doing."

Pros: "I liked the convience of be able to relax and eat while waiting to aboard the plane!"

Cons: "I didn't like that all the seats were taken in the waiting area"

Pros: "On time"

Cons: "Luggage came out wrong carousel so was lost until I found. And I was not told I would be charged for carry on luggage."

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable, not being able to take a free carry on snd it took a long time for lauggages to come."

Pros: "The crew: Friendly and Professional"

Cons: "Too much nickel and diming: Pay for seat selection, ridiculous fees for baggage, no free drinks..Really?"

Pros: "Flight didn't get delayed 3xs and 3 hrs like last time I flew Frontier."

Cons: "They changed gates only announcing it once - which I did not hear - and I nearly missed my flight. Others did!!! Extra charges for everything is "bait and switch"...."

Pros: "My God what an excruciating 3 hour endeavor. Kicks, screams, and all in the awful pitch of a little brat. Kid wouldn't sit down and wouldn't shut up. Flight was full so when I asked to move there were no other options. In all of the flights of my life, by far the worst experience."

Cons: "Price"

Pros: "I arrived safely."

Cons: "Denver is the hub for Frontier. I expected better service out of Denver but we were delayed for mechanical difficulties. The Frontier personnel could have done a MUCH better job keeping us updated on the status of the flight."

Pros: "Nothing did not take flight. Will not pay for flight"

Cons: "Site automatically booked me on a return flight at a day & time I did not want. I was unable to stop the transaction. The airline would not credit the flight. So I chose another carrier & different flight. Called my credit company and have Declined the charge"

Pros: "The crew is friendly and courteous."

Cons: "I don't like not being able to sit with the person I am flying with unless I pay extra money."

Pros: "I liked the timeliness of the boarding process."

Cons: "I did not like the attitude of the one of the male flight attendants and found that he was unprofessional. The seats were the most uncomfortable seats I've had to sit in during a flight. The airline doesn't offer free complimentary drinks and they still don't offer a TSA precheck option for their flights."

Pros: "Flight was smooth, and the staff were all very friendly."

Cons: "I didn't like the fact that you had to pay for carry on bags. I have never been asked to pay for a carry on bag, and fealt it was a cheap way to make a buck of clients."

Pros: "The boarding process was standard."

Cons: "The plane absolutely beyond dirty. The tray tables are half the size of other airlines, and had clearly not been cleaned for awhile. There was food covering the entire floor of the plane. I am not an overly sensitive person to cleanliness/germs but this was beyond disgusting. Oh, and don't plan on getting comfortable- the seats are hard and do not recline. Last but not least, one leg of our flight had the most rude flight attendants I have ever witnessed."

Pros: "It was worth it for family of seven, saved a bit of money over similar flights with Deltas."

Cons: "It was hard to sleep."

Pros: "I gave up my seat so a family could sit together. I was given a seat in the front row of the plane (what they consider first class). Before take off there were horrible odors as if someone near me was having stomach issues. It went on the whole hour flight finally the guy sitting one seat over pointed out first row (first class) was right by the restroom. Next time I'll choose the exit row."

Cons: "Boarding was late like always. Once we arrived at the gate we had to wait 10 minutes for the gate agent to figure out the breezeway"

Pros: "Boarding process was smooth both legs of the flight and crew was great on both legs as well."

Cons: "No options for entertainment, no snack options besides chips and junk food."

Pros: "I did like the fact that everyone was charged for luggage... whether it was carry on or checked. ... The ice water was nice."

Cons: "But, the fact that you paid for any seat before boarding Advertised prices should also include an asterisk which mentions the added price of luggage and seat prices... which makes the price of the actual ticket less of a bargain..."

Pros: "The website was a mess and I realized they had a phone number that I didn't enter and no email address despite how I did enter it when I purchased my tickets. So I didn't get any updates on the flight or prompt to check in. The website/Check-in process is confusing and full of bugs. Then when I boarded, they'd apparently assigned my seat to two people."

Cons: "Great flight attendants. Cheap sticker price (but no carry-on included."

Pros: "things went smoothly once the plane arrived and we were boarded"

Cons: "late flight, changed gate, name was screwed up on boarding pass (middle was part of first), a phone number that was not mine was in my phone info"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Late, expensive, poor service"

Pros: "Crew was wonderful and friendly."

Cons: "Frontier's website is very difficult to navigate. I tried to pay baggage fees ahead of time to save money, but it didnt go through and i ended up paying when i checked in and paid more. I will definitely fly with an airline that does not chage baggage or seat fees."

Pros: "The crew was extremely pleasant and accommodating. The seats did not look comfortable but in reality were very comfortable."

Cons: "The airplane had to wait at the end of the runway waiting for approval to take off."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly and knowledgeable, and able to laugh at themselves when they forgot where we were landing. It was fun that they were able to laugh at themselves WITH us at that time. Nobody is perfect, but the crew was enjoyable!!"

Cons: "The usual... silly little kids in the seat in front that wasn't willing to keep his feet out of the isle and his game was on full volume for a while, until his caregiver told him to shut off the volume."

Pros: "I got a good chuckle at the all the things Frontier does to cut costs."

Cons: "Seats are hard and don't recline. The tray table was hilariously tiny but I didn't need it anyway. .... I had no intention of swiping my credit card for water."

Pros: "Took another airline, United"

Cons: "Cancelled flight 2 hours before scheduled take off and just handed out a paper with instructions and a phone number to call. Should have rescheduled with another airline because it was your fault (mechanical). Had to pay 200 more with an another airline and had to leave the following day which created issues."

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Sitting at the gate for 30 minutes waiting for a soccer team that couldn't get to the airport on time! Walking two miles with my handicapped wife because we got to Atlanta much later and the trains were down for maintenance! Getting home at 6am and having to take a quick nap, shower, and be to work at 8:30! All because Frontier cared more about one team than all of its other passengers!! I'll bet they won't hold a flight for me!!!"

Pros: "nothing"

Cons: "was not clear when i booked the flight that their would be a charge for everything. There is a charge for all types of baggage except one personal item which you had to shove under the front seat which leaves you know leg room on a already squeezed seating error. So it was awful painful. Then they wanted to charge you for assignments which was never clear. They they wanted to charge you for any water or snack. I felt like they where going charge me for walking down the isle, using the bathroom, walking down the ramp. There customer is over seas and sucks. They service sucks. Frontier is the worst airline and I will never fly them again"

Pros: "Crew was nice, the interior of the Airbus was nice. I paid $20 for a seat up front with extra leg room, worth it! Something was broken at our gate, so we had to piggyback another flight at a gate down the hall. Also, there were very few operational charging stations in their gate area."

Cons: "I didn't realize that Frontier charges for a carry-on bag, free on most competitors. Because of this, I could have gotten a cheaper ticket on Delta or American and gotten FF miles!! I was told this information was on their website, but I didn't realize to look there as this was a surprise! I mind being treated this way, and in the future will most likely steer toward the major carriers, who seem to follow industry standards. No in-flight magazine, either. Bring something to read!"

Pros: "The flight attendants were polite."

Cons: "Delay announced of 2 1/2 hours, but posted at gate a delay of 2 hours. Passengers rushed on to plane at 9a, a 1 hour delay, then sat on plane until 10a. Plane taxied toward runway for takeoff, then recalled to gate to pick up a crew member. So, a 2 1/2 hour delay occurred anyway. A total clown show!"

How long is a flight from Minneapolis to San Antonio Texas?

The average nonstop flight takes 2h 49m, covering a distance of 1099 miles.

How long is a flight to Minnesota from Texas?

The total flight duration from Texas to Minnesota is 2 hours, 33 minutes.

How far is a flight from Minnesota to Texas?

How long is the flight from Minnesota to Texas? Airlines like Sun Country Air, Frontier, and American Airlines fly from Minnesota to Texas in about 2h 47m. The time it takes to get you to your destination can typically vary by up to 7h 27m. The distance between Minnesota and Texas is about 857 mi.

How many hours is Texas to Minnesota?

How long is the drive from Texas to Minnesota? The total driving time is 17 hours, 15 minutes.