How many reports needed to delete Instagram account

Instagram is an app that has grown from its little beginnings to a major social media tool that has worldwide coverage.

The app evolved from just a basic photo-sharing app to a tool that has become such a staple in so many individuals’ lives. There are people who even make their daily source of income from the app due to the role of influencing.

In almost every country in the world, there is definitely a large population of users that are regular users of the app.

How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete an Instagram Account

How Many Reports Are Needed To Delete an Instagram Account

The impact this level of publicity has on the app is that there is a very large possibility at one point or the other, you would stumble or have an interaction with a fellow user that has zero respect for the typical Instagram rules that users are meant to follow on the app.

Sometimes the effect such behavior would have on you would be so minimal it could even be overlooked, and then at other times, the behavior of such a user could be so triggering that all you would wish for is that their account should just get deleted.

This way, they would be off the app for good, and you would have your serenity and peace of mind again.

The only crux to this whole nasty situation is that getting an account deleted is never as straightforward as you might think. Of course, if the activity of such an individual is so triggering to you, there is always an option that allows you to block such a person instantly.

Once you have blocked the person, you would be totally protected from stumbling upon such unwanted content.

But there are people who would not be comfortable with the fact that such content is still roaming around the app and would want to ensure the actual source of the negative content is fished out and stopped completely.

If you fall under this category, you would have to realize that the closest way to achieving your goal would be to report the account, but you would still have to keep an open mind when you are performing this action.

This is mostly because the fact that you reported an account does not automatically mean that account would get deleted.

There are various factors that influence and support the deletion of an Instagram account, and they would all be later explained in this article.

It could also help your cause if you could get other users with the same ideals as you to report the account. It would definitely make a difference if more reports were made on the offending accounts than if you were the only one reporting the account.

And that would then bring us to the unsaid question, how many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account?

Typically this is a question that is usually asked by people who have suffered some form of harassment on Instagram or have come across some very weird or strange unwanted content in their feed.

This type of intrusion usually makes users wonder what action they could take that would lead to the source of that discomfort being closed up completely.

It sometimes becomes very important to the user to get this issue sorted out as soon as possible, especially when such an occurrence becomes frequent.

Then sometimes, users also wonder what would happen if a random number of other users started reporting their account, perhaps for the wrong reason.

They would wonder if their account would just get deleted just like that without proper research or investigation and if it would just be based on the whole number of complaints that have been made.

The first misconception that I would love to clarify is the popular notion that the amount of reports an account gets is directly proportional to the chances of the account getting deleted. This is a very wrong and false belief.

The thing is, when careful thought is put into this issue, one would definitely expect that the number of reports an account gets would play a significant role in getting the account deleted.

But the thing is beyond the number of reports; much more significance is placed on the motive of the reports.

The best way I can explain this phenomenon is to iterate that Instagram is more likely to delete an account based on the gravity of the offense an account committed rather than because of the number of accounts reporting this other account.

Instagram does not base its algorithm on the number of complaints when they finally decide they want to close an account. Instagram as a platform has its policies that you must learn to accept.

In the rise of any violations, Instagram can decide to block any account without really needing to notify the user in advance at all.

When you want to make a report to a profile, you would need to analyze the violation, and then the social network team can then start to establish whether the report is true or not.

After this has been ascertained, they can then start to deliberate on whether the error is serious or extremely serious. The moment the whole step is carried out ends up as a very serious issue; Instagram would delete the account without further investigations.

But at the end of the day, Instagram itself is a business for its owners, so therefore the main aim is to attract and gain more users.

They would not want to lose clients or users, which would explain the reason why they are usually kind of passive on deleting accounts at times unless they get a really serious complaint.

The fact is that there are times that Instagram would delete an account just because of three or four reports from various accounts due to the impact of the reason given for reporting the account.

The only effect that a large number of reports have is that it speeds up the immediacy of reviewing the complaints.

So, what exactly are the reasons that could lead to Instagram closing an account? There are various actions that Instagram would regard as infractions on their policies, and some of them are:

  • Threats: You must stay away from threatening other Instagram users on the platform, whether through comments or even the private chatting medium. This type of behavior goes against the app’s policies. If a user reports an account for threatening them or even another user, with just enough evidence, the erring account could be deleted.
  • Abuse: You must avoid all manner of verbal violence if you do not want issues with Instagram. The app is strongly against harassment, insults, or intimidation either in the comment section or even in private chats. All behavior of that nature is strongly frowned upon.
  • Spam: Instagram does not take kindly to spam content. In fact, it is one of the major reasons users get in trouble with Instagram, because they post spam content unknowingly at times. Repetitive comments in which products or services are offered, links are requested, or links are pasted; all these types of content are regarded as spam. There are strict punishments put in place regarding spam content, and sometimes it could lead to the erring account getting deleted.
  • Copyright: A lot of pictures and videos and even audio content all over the internet are usually copyrighted. Sometimes, even though the content is copyrighted and you go-ahead to use it, you might not get into trouble. But the dangerous thing is that the moment your account is reported, your account would get deleted. So it is very sound advice to make sure that anything you publish on the app is copyright-free to avoid unforeseen problems.
  • Posting sensitive content of another person: When you are using Instagram, you are not allowed to post private information of another user on your page. The type of information that is meant here could be things like telephone numbers, card numbers, postal addresses, identity documents, among others. They are things that are meant to be kept personal, and if you disclose it and the owner of such details reports your account, there is a very high possibility that your account could be deleted.
  • Animal violence: Instagram does not accommodate content that depicts the graphic suffering of animals. It is a platform that is animal friendly and encourages humane treatment of all animals, so if your post flouts this rule and it is noticed by Instagram, or you get reported for your content, your account would be deleted immediately.
  • Usernames: On the Instagram app, you are not allowed to make use of the Instagram name to include it in your URL or even your username unless you have gotten written consent from Instagram itself. You will encounter a lot of problems if you decide to flout this rule and you go-ahead to use their brand name without express permission; in fact, your account could very well get deleted.
  • Violent content: Instagram does not allow its users to post anything that has to do with violence on the app. Whenever a post is made that contains or depicts scenes that are too gory, sometimes Instagram might just take the post down. But if the user has a track record of posting things like that, then they might just delete the whole page altogether. An account that posts recorded videos of scenes like rape, murder, or abuse of any sort would definitely get deleted at some point once it is noticed and reported.
  • Content for 18+: Any type of content that is related to pornography in any way is not allowed on Instagram. It doesn’t matter whether it is in picture form or videos. If an account posts content that depicts pornography, and it is reported or noticed, then such an account would be deleted immediately. The idea is to create a space that even older kids can use for socialization, and as such, adult content is highly frowned upon. There is a laxity when it comes to some level of pictorial bodily exposure, but still, there is a limit.
  • Racism: If a user posts videos or pictures that blatantly prove that he or she is in support of racism and these videos or pictures are reported, the posts would be taken down, and the account would be deleted for good. Instagram does not support racism or any act that tends towards it, and they are very strict about their response to those types of actions.
  • Discrimination: Instagram boldly stands against discrimination of any sort. It does not support or allow the posting of content that promotes topics like homophobia, colorism, and other topics that show discrimination. The type or forms of media these posts come in do not matter at all. It could be photos or videos or even written comments under other people’s posts. The moment anything of the sort is noticed, and it is reported, the account would be taken down. The platform aims to create a safe space for everyone, so Instagram would readily take down posts and even delete an account that actively participates in discrimination of any group of people.
  • Identity fraud: Instagram does not take kindly to people claiming to be who they are not. It does not even matter if the identity that is faked is that of a celebrity or even a regular joe or sue. The whole aim of the platform is for people to be able to socialize with genuine users. So once an account has been caught shifting this balance by stealing identities, the immediate response would be to delete the account once and for all. Why this particular offense is very important to Instagram is because people that commit this type of offense are usually fraudulent people. The whole aim of creating a fake account or stealing people’s identities is always to deceive people and get away with their cash or properties.

What can you do to get an Instagram account closed

If you notice an account that is actively participating in any of the activities that have been listed above, then it is perfectly fine if you wish to report such an account. You would have to follow the steps that would soon be explained if you want to report the said account.

How to get Instagram to close an account

  • Ensure you do not change the texts: If you want to make sure that your complaint is regarded as legit and is taken seriously, you have to make sure you do not modify any conversations you wish to submit as evidence that you have had with the erring account. If you try to prove smart and you go ahead to tamper with conversations you want to use as evidence, Instagram would eventually find out, and it would only stand to discredit you.
  • Express yourself articulately: You have to prepare your mind that you would be asked a few questions to expatiate on the reasons for your complaint. At this juncture, you would really need to calm down and explain everything you are asked as clearly and precisely as possible. This is very important. The language you speak does not matter, but whatever language you decide to express yourself in, you must ensure you have a proper command of the language and that you are grammatically correct.
  • Understand the offense you are reporting: If the owner of an account offends you or steps on your toes, you might be tempted to just go ahead and report his or her account. But in the real sense of it, this effort would be futile if the said account has not actually committed any offense that violates Instagram policies. So anytime you want to report an account, you must ensure the account in question has actually violated at least one of the rules I mentioned earlier in the article.
  • Do not doubt the efficacy of screenshots: It is one thing to report an account, and all you have as proof is a word of your mouth. It is another thing to report an account, and you actually have hard, legit proof in the form of screenshots. There are times you would want to report an account, and Instagram would need you to provide some sort of evidence, and other times, it would not be necessary. This request is usually made based on the type of violation you are reporting. Either way, it is always a good idea to have your evidence ready to use.

How can you report an Instagram account correctly?

Now that you know what exactly a user has to do wrong in order to be in violation of Instagram’s rules and you also know what exactly you need to do to get an account closed.

The final thing you would need to know is how you can report an Instagram account correctly.

The first thing you would need to know is your reason. You have to decide on why exactly you want to report the said account and be comfortable and confident in your choice.

Once you have made your decision, then you can proceed to report the account.

You would see three different options on your screen:

  • Block this User: This option is basically to protect you from the erring account. Obviously, with this method, there would be absolutely nothing that would happen to the account in question.
    The owner of the account would be able to continue using their account as though nothing happened. They would be able to post and interact with other users as normal.
    The only difference is that the account in question would not have access to you anymore, and you would also not be able to see their posts too.
  • Restriction: The whole aim of this feature is to give a user that is feeling uncomfortable their privacy without having to get confrontational. When you block an account on Instagram, there is a high chance that the owner of the account you blocked would find out, and it could lead to a lot of unexpected altercations.
    But the moment you restrict an account, you and your followers would not see the comments or interactions of the said account, and yet they would still be able to react to your posts as usual. This would create the illusion that they still have access to your account as normal.
  • Report user: This is the option you are meant to choose if your aim is to go down the reported road. Every other thing you would need to know to report the account successfully has already been discussed in the article, and all you need to do is just to ensure you follow everything step by step.